I have to say that Johnny english, was a very good movie, that type of film you can watch over and over. John Malkovich did a great job with the french asent.overall

I expected JE to be simply "Mr Bean becomes a spy" but I was wrong. It is a very funny, witty film. Look out for the Bond references. Five stars.

Hmmmm...Can anyone say "Pink Panther" This is reidiculous and not that funny. Try having an original plot this one was done YEARS ago.

this movie is good but there isnt much of that thing that make movies great. the movie is so funny. its the funniest movie of the summer. they could of made a better bad guy. u couldnt even understand that french guy. rowan atkinson is outstanding as johnny english

Johnny English was a good movie. It was different then i thought it would be. But it was good. It was funny. He was so dumb that i laughed! But i enjoyed the movie. Because it did make me laugh. So in that case i would give it an A-.


What can I say...I was entertained alll the way through this movie. Not only was it hilarious all the way through it also had a pretty decent car chase scene...all around great entertainment. Go see it!

Wow! Rowan Atkinson has to be the funniest man alive. If you have seen his show, Mr. Bean that you know what I am talking about. This is the funniest movie I have ever seen no contest. I loved it. Rowan Atkinson blends physical and verbal comedy together to create a movie so funny you wiil probably have about two full breaths during the whole thing. Rowan Atkinson plays a clumsy secret agent suddenly bumped to being agent number one. Immediatly he is sent to guard the Queens Crown Jewels. So he is set to the case and fumbles, and bumbles, trips, and slips his way to cracking it. So if you are out there looking for a good funny movie to watch this is it, I saw it three times and laughed my arse off each time. Bottom line: WATCH IT!

I see this film and happy them. This film is beasutiful and Mr. Bean is luky. My family see this film and very happy. I thanks of M.r Bean

My wife used her judgement on this one based on her experience with Mr. Bean and decided to stay home, All I can say is . . . "HA HA . . . You missed out!" Atkins made me laugh so hard. His dry, eloquent humor is refreshing in that he bumbles his way into your heart, all the while risking his life for the Queen. I'll admit that there is absolutely no way a spy could have ever lived through his antics, but at least at that moment . . . you beleive he can.

"Good, but not great" sums up this entire movie. For kids and young pre-teens I would highly recommend this movie, but for anyone else . . . it's not bad. Well worth you're money if you're in for a good high hearted comedy. For a deep analysis, check out: www.geocities.com nh19832002

The movie was the funniest movie I saw all summer.I think this is the most funniest movie Rowan Atkinson has ever done.Its a great movie for the family.You would want to watch it over and ovr again.

Great movie; very funny Great movie; very funny Great movie; very funny Great movie; very funny Great movie; very funny Great movie; very funny Great movie; very funny Great movie; very funny

First fall I would say that Mr. Bean is very very funny . And as it is speech less there are no language problems . I like Mr.Bean because he is so funny that a crying one would start laughing . He is very wise but dont uses it where he should . And Rowan Atkinson is awfull ,oh! his acting he is mindblowing . once, I was angry with my father and in anger I switched on the TV so Mr.Bean was going on & I suddenly started laughing , papa also got amazed ,that she was in anger just 5 seconds back & now she is luafhing? so this is what my feelings & experinces are for Mr.Bean . Ok then bu bye!

Johnny English rocks!! This is something new and ofcourse hilarious. The old Mr. Beans Rowan Atkins did it again the film was great and fun.

The movie Johnny English was really a marvelous thrill. Rowan Atkinson definitely did a very good job - I was laughing all the way. If you need a good laugh, I urge you to go see this movie. The storyline was also quite good. However, what captivated me was Rowan's comedic role. The thrill also that exudes from this movie is the fact that the famous "Mr Bean" is talking now. However, his funny silent acts also prevailed in this movie. I look forward to seeing another comedy of this sort from Rowan Atkinson.

Boring & disappointing. It did have it's moments (@ 5 of them) but it won't be your time and money. That's all I have to say about this movie, however Yahoo! wants me to enter more text - what else can I add? Well the movie sucked and don't go see it.

I had seen and heard reviews and thought, well, I'd better not expect much out of this movie, but I thought it would at least be good for a few laughs. As it turned out, I should have expected even less and as far as the few laughs, uh, yeah, veeery few. I was truly disappointed that Atkinson would play such a lame character in such a lame movie. I figured, "Well, it's Bean. It's got to at least be a little funny!" Alas, the jokes were way too predictable and cliche. Even the few times I sort of forced out a chuckle, the rest of the theater was pretty silent. And what's with stealing the tatooed butt gag from the "Naked Gun" series? That was one of those jokes that can work only once (if that). Oh well, ya can't win em all.

If you like Rowan Atkinson, or were a fan of Peter Sellers, you will like Johnny English. Some of the jokes were a bit predictable, but it was still fun. Not for all members of the family, despite what the ads claim, due to violence, language, partial nudity, poo, and not nearly enough French bashing.

I came into this movie thinking it would be a total waste of money & time but it had a lot to offer. I thought Rowan Atkinson did a great job of portraying the fool-hardy Johnny English. I never stopped laughing through-out the whole movie, and thought it was great. The basic plot is about Johnny English, the man who always dreams of getting to go on a great spy mission and come out a hero, and gets his chance when the crown jewels of england are stolen. Though he has great intentions, everything he does seems to turn out wrong but his trusty "side-kick" Bough (ben miller) is always there to save him. If you haven't seen this movie, I suggest it 4 lots of laughs.

I know that doesn't make sense, but the movie isn't that bad. The plot drags, and the humor is dumb, but oh well it provided some laughs! I give it a B-

In an age where good, clean humor is a rarity, this movie is quite refreshing. This is a movie you can take your family to and not have to worry about scenes and words that belittle our intelligence. If a movie must use a four letter word in every sentence, they are grasping for straws to try and get a laugh from someone. A man like Rowan Atkinson can use no words at all and make both young and old laugh till their stomach aches. THAT'S TALENT!

This is one of the best movies I've seen so far. This is a good movie for those who like spy and comedy movies. Rowan Atkinson playing the main part doubles the humor.

its a way that u would never see the real bond. so funny its a jump out of the gun haha. just so sad to as in his stupidness. i would see it if i was u

I actually haven't seen this movie but I am very bored so I'll give it all A's. ummm iiguess i need a longer review so uuhhh email me at ****.com to tell me how my review helped you, I am sure it was a big help.

Laughed so hard I began to worry for my underwear. This movie falls between Mr. Bean and Blackadder, leaning toward the wickedness of Blackadder. Any Rowan Atkinson fan will know what I mean. It's unfortunate that in this country he's known for his physical comedy alone when his range is so much greater. Long live King Rowan!!!

If you thought this is Mr. Bean 2, you are totally on the wrong track. I can tell Atkinson is trying really hard to get rid of Mr. Bean impression, but it's hard for him, and it's even hard for us to not treating him as Mr. Bean...but, nice story and nice acting... I laughed for 1 hour and 15 min in a 1 hour and 30 min movie.

I think this movie was the greatest I mean mixing up the british stuff hahahahaha. I wouldn't have even thought of that I mean there not alike. Cast you are smarty heads.

I own the DVD, and now its the only thing that I can watch... This film is hilarious, and the story is the best i can think of. How many movies have a sample of a British Coronation and include treason, deceit, and comedy into one?

This movie made me laugh out loud! It takes the humor of "Mr. Bean" and "Black Adder" to a new level. I was particularly tickled by the caricature of the French and the fun it made of them. When a county like France is playing the role of a greedy, moral less, sniveling coward on the world stage, it is timely and fitting for a comedy to come out that pokes fun at them. Who knows, maybe they', 'll even get the message!

Insipid is the one word description for this failure. Everything was totally predictable and the laughter in the audience was forced. Stay home, take a nap or watch ice melt, it would be more enjoyable.

this movie is not good at all it sucks very bad and it is not cool i sent four dollars on a dumb movie about a stupit french retard and the movie sucks very bad

My 3 kids (esp. the 5 year old) loved this movie. Enough French - bashing to keep adults interested. If you are worried about taking children to this movie, it is OK.

While Rowan Atkinson remains one of the best British comics of the last 20 years, it is apparent that this movie lacks the big "bang" of laughter that is expected from him. I'm afraid that true Atkinson fans will leave the theaters a little let down. Unlike Atkinson's best stuff from shows like Black Adder and Mr. Bean, the humorous situations in this movie are very predictable. In his previous shows, Atkinson showed great wit and unpredictable responses to some of the most off-the-wall predicaments. You never get caught off guard by the humor in this movie. In Johnny English, it's almost that the writers and director tried too hard to please the American brand of humor, and it causes the movie to turn into a good Saturday- afternoon flick for the kids. This is not a bad thing, considering there are a few moments where the comedy is side-splitting, but these moments come too few and far between. The storyline is unoriginal, but still good. However, the movie falls short of other spy spoofs like Casino Royale. Johnny English is fine to watch on a rainy afternoon, but Rowan Atkinson has certainly shown that he can be much funnier than this movie aspires to be. I don't see this as his fault, as his acting is superb as usual. Unfortunately, the writers and director could have done a much better job than the finished product. Overall, I give Johnny English a C+.

Everyone was laughing in the theater. I liked Atkins as Bean, but I thought he was absolutely Wonderful in this movie. I saw the movie last night and I was still laughing this morning. You have to see this movie.

Most critics have little understanding or appreciation for comedy or humor. This movie will leave you laughing for days. A real boost to your physical and mental well being. Take a friend!!!

Rowan Atkinson was funny as bean..and even though he talks throughout the whole movies he's funny as MI7 agent Johnny English..All the people that think he's not funny..have no idea what comedy is..GRADE A movie..Excellent in everyway..

the movie is very cool and sophisticated and this is a great family film with tons of laughs!!! the one bad thing about the movie is that it is kind of short and a longer version would be cool

Rowan Atkinson at his best!!! If you like Mr. Bean, you will LOVE this movie....it's been way too long since we've seen him on the screen and now he's back and as funny as ever!! This movie is great for all ages and the movie is a 'night out' all on it's own!!I give it an A+!!


I've always loved Rowan Atkinson as "Mr. Bean," and he brings that charm and comic wit to "Johnny English." This film kept my wife and I laughing and entertained practically the whole time, which is a lot more than can be said for the "Austin Powers" films. In my view, Johnny English should be given an honorary "00" designation, maybe "00.5"?

Bean makes me laugh. I just didn't laugh like usual. I was ready to go when I finished my popcorn... very unusual.

Started out a bit bland but got funnier as the film rolled on. I got my good laugh in.. I give it an A!

Johnny English is a great spoof of the James Bond Films. I'm not gonna give away any spoilers. Bean meets Bond with hilarius results.

For those critics that are too hung up on "The Sound of Music", it's time to look beyond the art of a movie, and just enjoy it for what it is, whether completely silly or not. This movie really allows you to be a kid again, and laugh till you pass out, and that's the medicine the doctor ordered.

If u never liked BEAN, don't watch this. It's better than Bean though but however, i would only recomend this on some sunday afternoon, when u've got nothing better to do, where for men soccer would be dreadful on tv and for women, the daily gossip become monotonous...

I expected more from Mr. Bean. This movie was too boring. I took me 4 attempts before I got through the whole movie. I don't think I will be able to watch it all the way through.

I liked this movie cuz of Rowan Atkinson is funny and he also starred in Bean: and Mr. Bean the TV series and it's funny than hell you'll keep laughing until you cry

I rated this pathetic slop at a D- only because I can't ever admit to myself that I would actually sit through an F. The film makers should be subject to their own work.

I was pleasantly surprised by this one. "Mr. Bean" or Rowan gave a solid comedy performance and was quite verbal in this flick. In his previous movie he said very little and by the end of the film was annoying. This movie had some very funny scenes although the story line has been done many times. Lots of funny gags. The people in the audience left with a smile on their faces, what more can you want these days.

We loved it! Rowan Atkinson's talents shine in this lighthearted comedy that is fun for the whole family. The humor was especially gratifying at the expense of the dreadful "French".

So Hilarious that after the film was over, my husband said, "I thought I was going to have to give you mouth to mouth. You were laughing so hard that you weren't breathing."

soo cool! I loved Mr. Bean, and this was even better! even for my little sister.I liked the part where the building blew up and the cow moooed. that was really funny!

Forget the critics! Go see this movie for a good old fashion belly-laugh. Atkinson is at his best! If your a fan of Mr. Bean or Blachadder you will live this movie. I can see why this filn was #1 in Europe for weeks!

if you wanto forget about problems for an hour and 26 minutes, this is the movie for you, super funny from beginning to end,ignore the reviews from the big shots.I hope you people enjoy it as much as I did.

I loved this movie. It is so refreshing to have clean entertainment without the foul language. I laughed throughout the entire movie. Ok, it was a silly movie, but sometimes you need a break and this was a good one. I'm tired of the Naked Gun AustinPowers Dumb&Dumber stuff. The antics in this movie were far-fetched, but completely plausible. Two thumbs up

My two sons loved it. They think Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) is the funniest man on earth. Highly recommended for 7-12 years old......As for myself, I did not see it anyway.....

I am a hearing-impaired man having difficulty following the movie from the start to the finish. I know we need off-the-wall humor once a while to get ourselves cheered up and forgeting about our real life moments for a two-hour time. My belly got sore from laughing so loud and can't belive Atkinson is getting better and can get in the competition again Mike Myers for the funny spoofs of our great spy movies, even like the Bond movies. Go out and see the movie!!!! Judge it for yourself.... I give it an Oscar worth vote for this film.

If you love Bean or any other slapstick British comedy (Faulty Towers), you gotta see this movie. Its pretty predictable, but you gotta love it. Mr. Bean RULEZ

i guess i can say this movie was ok. thought it would be better. ok ok ok. fun watever it was ok ok ok

This movie is very funny and is great for a family Friday. It can be a little cheesy at time, but other than that, a great movie.

Johnny Enlgish was a movie that I was expecting more from after seeing Bean and loving that movie. There are some funny parts but do not expect a great movie that will leave you wanting more.

This was the worst movie that I've ever seen. The film was chock full of dull, stupid and often immature jokes, the best of which made me smile half-heartedly and go "Pfft." The villain was terrible. Every word he said was monotonous and hollow (as were all of his facial expressions, even when he "snapped" due to frustration and fury at the end), and his French accent was so fake that I couldn't believe they'd hired him for the role. The makers of this film did an abysmal job. The intended "humor" was moronic, and the "serious" moments were horribly cliche. Watching this was a waste of money and time.

Good comedy and cast. I like the 007 spoof with Mr Atkinson, he is hilarious. My teen daughter enjoyed it just as much as I did, we liked the comedy and plot. Would like to see another spoof like this one.

Save your money, save your money, and save your hard earned money, or watch HBO..This had got to be the worse English comedy humors, I have ever seen, I walked out of the movie after 30 minutes (and I have never walk out of any movie before), English humors will never measure up to the good old American ones. Sorry to say, this movie isn't worth a "free pass".

This movie is very funny and is great for a family Friday. It can be a little cheesy at time, but other than that, a great movie.

Johnny Enlgish was a movie that I was expecting more from after seeing Bean and loving that movie. There are some funny parts but do not expect a great movie that will leave you wanting more.

This was the worst movie that I've ever seen. The film was chock full of dull, stupid and often immature jokes, the best of which made me smile half-heartedly and go "Pfft." The villain was terrible. Every word he said was monotonous and hollow (as were all of his facial expressions, even when he "snapped" due to frustration and fury at the end), and his French accent was so fake that I couldn't believe they'd hired him for the role. The makers of this film did an abysmal job. The intended "humor" was moronic, and the "serious" moments were horribly cliche. Watching this was a waste of money and time.

Good comedy and cast. I like the 007 spoof with Mr Atkinson, he is hilarious. My teen daughter enjoyed it just as much as I did, we liked the comedy and plot. Would like to see another spoof like this one.

Save your money, save your money, and save your hard earned money, or watch HBO..This had got to be the worse English comedy humors, I have ever seen, I walked out of the movie after 30 minutes (and I have never walk out of any movie before), English humors will never measure up to the good old American ones. Sorry to say, this movie isn't worth a "free pass".

this was a horrible attempt to cross james bond with austin powers didnt make me laugh once dont waste ur money

Just when you think Rowan Atkinson can only star as Mr. Bean, here comes this movie. A real gem! The only bad part was John Malkovich's french accent!

the movie should have had a better plot but it was worth my time i wish that the acting was better but i was fine with that and teh one thing that makes me the mad is this was the settup of the new yahoo movie rating

Unless you've got kids who want to see it, don't waste even a matinee fee. I'm usually forgiving on these types of movies, but frankly I couldn't wait for it to be over. I would have walked out if it weren't for my kids...

I literally fell asleep. I tried to stay awake but just couldn't. Nothing new here. Atkinson can be very funny, and I suppose there are a few points which are amusing here. But wanting to like the movie, it knocked me out like a warm glass of milk.

Rowan does a splendid job portraing "Johny" but the spy spoof is wearing out in originality. Overall, a Good movie. Not must see.

The movie was the stupidest movie of all time. It was a waste of time and money. It was truly awful.

This movie is a wannabe austin powers. They try to be funny but it is plain stupid. I didn't laugh one time throughout the movie. It just sucks. I recomend you borrow another movie than this.

This move I must admit, is not for everyone. But you will laugh your head off if you even remotely enjoy british comedies like "One foot in the grave", "Are you being served" or "Mr. Bean". If you liked the movie "Bean" or "Rat Race" this is for you. If you hate any of those then dont waste your money. I never stopped laughing and my throat was sore afterwards. If your french be warned there are quite a few anti-french jokes so dont be offended. Overall one of the funniest movies in a long time!

Johnny English is basically a movie that kind of makes fun of the James Bond 007 movies. The reason why I say that is because they have a whole bunch of different parts in the movie that make the James Bond flicks dumb such as having dog toys to the make the dogs get distracted when Johnny is going into the secret mansion. In my point of view I thought the movie was really funny for how dumb and smartly the way Rowan Atikson acted during the movie such as every time he tries to fire his special 9mm gun especially when all of the human crap comes out of the gun. So I highly suggest seeing this movie if you like the Bean espisodes and the movie of course!

The movie had the potential to be much funnier but Rowan Atkinson is no Peter Sellers. There was a big lack of imagination in the slap stick. It was a relatively clean movie and for this I commend the makers.

Johnny English is a very funny movie.Johnny played as Rowan is one of the funniest comedians if not the best!Great movie!

We went to see this just for a laugh was were surprised the Rowan can really act dramatically as well. Of course, we will remember it for the funny parts.

this was the funniest moive ive seen in a long timei dont know what the critcs were thinking i think their crazy.

This is one silly movie providing the path from one gag to the next. Mr. Bean is at the top of his game here with some tremendous facial expressions and on the floor laughing gags. This is one to see at the movies and one to buy on dvd when it comes out.

Johnny English and Mr. Bean are both funny movies to see. I would say rent Mr. Bean on video and DVD and see Johnny English in Theathers. He is the greatest and funniest person. I think it is a must see movie. Don't believe what the critics say, I watched and seen their reviews before. They don't know what funny is now a days. It is now just romance, directing, plots, and other things. The critics do not have a sense of humor. The audience does. Believe them and me when you see both of these movies. Thats my review for now.

I think that this movie was ok but I think it couldn't be possible. But it is better than Austin Power for sure.

BY ROGER EBERT S Can we all pretty much agree that the spy genre has been spoofed to death? The James Bond movies have supplied the target for more than 40 years, and generations of Bond parodies have come and gone, from Dean Martin's Matt Helm to Mike Myers' Austin Powers. If "Austin Powers" is the funniest of the Bondian parodies, "Johnny English" is the least necessary, a mild-mannered ramble down familiar paths. The movie stars Rowan Atkinson, best known in America as Mr. Bean, star of "Bean" (1997), and as the star of the PBS reruns of "The Black Adder," where he played countless medieval schemers and bumblers in "the most gripping sitcom since 1380." He's the master of looking thoughtful after having committed a grievous breach of manners, logic, the law, personal hygiene or common sense. In "Johnny English," he plays a character who became famous in Britain as the star of a long-running series of credit card commercials. Johnny English is a low-level functionary in the British Secret Service, pressed into active duty when a bomb destroys all of the other agents. His assignment: Foil a plot to steal the Crown Jewels. The evil mastermind is Pascal Sauvage (John Malkovich), a French billionaire who believes his family was robbed of the crown two centuries ago. Now the head of a megabillion-dollar international chain of prisons, he poses as a benefactor who pays to protect the jewels in new theft-proof quarters in the Tower of London--but actually plans to steal them and co-opt the Archbishop of Canterbury to crown him king. And how does Queen Elizabeth II feel about this? The film's funniest moment has her signing an abdication form after a gun is pointed at the head of one of her beloved corgis. The movie is a series of scenes demonstrating how dangerously incompetent Johnny English is, as when he lectures on how the thieves got into the Tower without noticing he is standing on the edge of a tunnel opening. He can't even be trusted to drive during a chase scene, and spends most of one in a car suspended from a moving wreckers' crane. Meanwhile, the beautiful Lorna Campbell (Natalie Imbruglia) turns up coincidentally wherever he goes, performing a variety of functions, of which the only explicable one is to be the beautiful Lorna Campbell. Malkovich does what can be done with Pascal Sauvage, I suppose, including the French accent we assume is deliberately bad, since Malkovich lives in France and no doubt has a better one. The character is such a stick and a stooge, however, that all Malkovich can do is stand there and be mugged by the script. Funnier work is done by Ben Miller, as Johnny's sidekick Bough (pronounced "Boff"). After Johnny breaks up the wrong funeral, Bough saves the day by passing him off as an escaped lunatic. And so on. Rowan Atkinson is terrifically popular in Britain, less so here, because as a nation we do not find understatement hilarious. "Johnny English" plays like a tired exercise, a spy spoof with no burning desire to be that, or anything else. The thing you have to credit Mike Myers for is that he loves to play Austin Powers and is willing to try anything for a laugh. Atkinson seems to have had Johnny English imposed upon him. And thus upon us. Copyright Chicago Sun-Times Inc.

I have to admit, that this is one of those movies that although this is not the best movie on the surface, it is one the smarter movies I've seen in a while underneath all the mediocracy. First, unlike most spy spoofs, the supporting cast is actually in on the fact that the main character is an idiot. In fact, the love interest in the movie actually tells him, and then admits that she took the time to know what was underneath all that, which seems to be what the movie as a whole did. Second, unlike the Austin Powers movies, the gimmick was not to throw a barrage of potty and shock humor. There is a scene where Johnny English travels through a sewage pipe with somewhat predictable results, but beyond that, the humor basically consisted of camera mugging, pratfalls, and other simple humor that has been around since the beginning. Some critics have said that a little Rowan Atkinson goes a long way, and although that's true, this movie seemed to address that issue by giving him some support and reason to not try and drive this movie completely by himself. I have to admit that I didn't roll on the floor in laughter, but I did find myself giggling from time to time, and more importantly, I found that I didn't leave the theatre insulted by the fact I sat through a movie insulted my intelligence. Like another overlooked movie that came out earlier in the year "Malibu's Most Wanted", The protangist proves that you can be stupid, but still be a smart human. That I believe, is what most movies these days are seriously lacking. Is it any wonder that if we copy what we see on TV and film, why we tend to do dumb things as a society. Perhaps there is connection here, and maybe we need more characters like Johnny English and B rad too look up to. Characters who "get it"

However, if you have other movies to see...see them first. This is one that you could wait for the video DVD to come out.

i always knew he will be a great actor,due i was suprised that he is an action star i think he was great on like the funny MR Bean we used to know i was love to watch him

Rowan Atkinson deserves another feather to his cap.The portrayal of Mr.Bean and Blackadder has been commendable. Thought initially I thought this flick will be just another funny movie, but it was hilarious. For the 1 hr some 28 mins, i was just rolling in laughter n' as i could recall, also fell out of my seat many a times. It is definetly a good change in the theater scene.Peter Howitt also seems to be in a different mood after 'sliding doors'.

We all have seen those movies where you just want to slap someone when they are making a stupid mistake, but this happens the whole movie. No one in the world is that incredibly stupid, so whats the point? The movie doesnt have one of those either. Just pass this one up and do yourself a huge favor.

I loved this movie.. It was funny and realistic too. It reminded me of the great Pink Panther Movies and Rowan Atkins is the Peter Sellers for a new generation. I laughed so hard at this movie. It was better than Austin Powers which for me was not a very realistic story. Johnny English is well written, the acting is wonderful and the pure humor and physical comedy of Rowen Atkins was great!!!

I am a fan of Mr. Bean, and I think this movie is worth a B, Why not A? because Mr. Bean series are better.

Finnaly, this summer comes the funniest movie ever created in this world. A movie were it is a must to all man kind that loves comedy to see the amazing movie. This movie made me laugh untill I ran out of laughs.

Worth seeing but not even close to as funny as Rowan Atkinson's previous movie Mr. Bean. I was hardly laughing and it was mostly chuckling. Still worth seing.

Plot is frankly absurd, you can see comic situations coming from a mile off and some actors surely mis-cast. Having said all that, I found the film an absolute delight. If you accept it for what it is and don't look for any deep hidden agendas, then it is an enjoyable 90 minutes. Atkinson is on form and Malkavic looked like he had an absolute ball. Natalie Imbruglia looked gorgeous and Boff was beautifully underplayed. Some classic cringeworthy farcical moments added to some nice stunts in an effective Bond spoof.Please don't make a sequel, you won't match this!

what a funny guy! Some great bathroom and physical humour!A must watch for anyone who loves laughing until they can't breath!

It is a junk, comparing the Mr. Bean., Keep your time and money for yourselves.I am execpting too much when I saw the movie...But it dispointed me.

This movie is funny. It has nice clean humor for the entire family to enjoy. Johnny English has a story line that is easy to follow and laugh out loud scenes throughout.

Rowan Atkinson seems to almost shine in this movie as the witty but accident-prone British agent, Johnny English. Johnny's definitely a clever person but he manages to get caught in embarrassing and often hilarious situations. It's different from Atkinson's other comedies and it certainly has more style. Think of James Bond with the laughs, accidents and of course, witty comments but without the women and you'll end up with Johnny English. Recommended.

I Love mr. Bean !!!!! Yeas !!!! I have been following his movies for decades and this time they made it over here.

it is not worth $7.5 for this movie. wait for video. Johnny is very funny. However, the rest of the cast are only average.

This movie is so stupid that i couldn't stop laughing. I felt there was to much stupidy between Johnny and his actions. I suggest to all you people who like stupid movies such as Napolean Dynamite go rent this movie.!!!!!!!!

this movie made me laugh around the end. The beginning wasn', 't that funny, but you would like it as it goes to the end. Rowan Atkinson was very funny and a movie where he actually can speak in is very interesting to see. This one was made in Britain. It is royally, richy, and James Bondy like, but this one has charisma. Atkinson, secret agent wannabe trying to get some guys from doing something bad to the country, but he couldn', 't make them believe. In what ever he does, he makes fun of himself. The last 20 minuets have a very good running in it and that was when I actually laughed out loud and praised the movie.

Johnny English was funny at times (the beggining and middle) and stupid at others (the end) If you have ever seen The Pink Panther and thought that Inspector Clouseau was funny, then you', 'll like this movie. It is a movie about a British spy who, despite all his attempts to be a good spy, seems to everyone to be nothing but a bumbling fool. If you are sensitive to bad parts of movies, I would suggest seeing this movie through Clean Films. The begging and middle of the movie, is fine, but the end has bad words and someone', 's rear end showing.

If you liked any of the Rowan Atkinson TV series, you will probably love this film. The ending is a series of events that just cannot be described but will have you ROFL!

I think this bean guy is a great comic talent, but he's been a lot funnier in movies like Rat Race. There are a few good gags, but it's not in the same league as spoofs like Naked Gun and Spy Hard which have a lot more gags with more wit and better pace... The hero's love interest (Natalie Umbruglia sp?) is pretty but boring and disinclined to play gags (unlike Priscilla Presley in Naked Gun series). As a result, every time they dialogue is an ideal bathroom or refreshment break. But I don't know anyone who has to go to the bathroom that much. John Malkovich does a great job playing the psychotic, over the top French bad guy with a deliberately overdone French accent, and with Rown Atkinson's sometimes inspired performance, the movie is not entirely witless. It's weird hearing some people laugh out loud when 'ol bean makes a face, but that worked for jerry lewis too. Good movie for kids who haven't seen jerry lewis before & older folks who really like jerry lewis and one-dimensional comedy. But if you like a wide range of gags, you're better off renting "Top Secret", "Spy Hard" and the Naked Gun series. They're far better.

i can't say i didn't laugh, but it's not what i expected. It's a cool movie to take your kids with you. So, just do that, and the, go see bad boys 2 ;)


Unlike Austin Powers I thought this movie was really fun, yes it had its unrealistic and brainless parts, but overall If your in the right mood it was a good time.

Rowan Atkinson is unbelievably funny. This movie is great for anyone who needs to laugh. It is also the perfect length at 88 minutes. John Malkovoch is great and so is Natalie Imbruglia.

This is awesome! It is not like some trash-talk or curse-talk based comedy movies, I only caught 2 "*****" from the whole movie, which is really some brilliant jokes.

This movie is a huge cliche. I went there with an open mind, the movie is neither funny nor interesting

It's was good, but too short.I like Mr.Bean but in the movie, he is like a clever Mr.Bean.Overall, it's a good movie and i like it.

I happen to be a huge Rowan Atkinson fan and just had to go see this movie. Pretty much he is a spy "mr. bean". I laughed through out the whole movie and found it fun and entertaining. If anyone like Rowan and his Mr. bean character they will sure love this movie!

bad, bad, movie, its so stupid... i mean its like james bond wanna be, dont waste ur money.. its not that bad... just DONT WASTE UR MONEY!

It is an excellent movie. The actors are fantastic in particular Johny English and the French villain. It is really very funny. I will definitely consider this movie as one of the funniest in recent years.

Mr Bean was funny. Johnny English is the funniest movie. All the dialouges all fuuny but some of the acting are disgusting like Johnny opens the Bishops underwear and urine that fall on his head. This are the most fun things.

The movie is one of the funniest I have ever seen! The plot story line was good. But it was the humer that got me. In the end I was luaghing so hard I could hardly breath!!!! This movie is alot better then some of the supposed "fun, family" movies like "Over the Hedge", and "Flushed Away". Those movies were mainly potty-humer and stuff like that but this was what I will call "innocently funny". So pretty mutch this was a good, funny movie.

.......To see it!!!!! This movie is sooo good. The first time I saw it, I laughed so hard, I cried. Anyone who "failed" it, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING, THIS MOVIE IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! To anyone who loved it, ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!! AND, OH YEAH GREAT CASTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comme on! U call that a movie? It's the worst movie i ever saw! It was so borring that after 20 minutes, i left the theater.''I want my money back!''This movie is truly the worst crap i ever seen. Oh god, don't ever go to this movie!! I expected more from Mr.Bean but the more he's serious, the more he stinks. DON'T GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!

About a man who is the worlds only agent and has to go on a important mission it has some funny parts, but i thought it was stupid because other movies caputre me.

The theater was silen for the first 60 minutes of the movie -- adults and kids alike were stunned by the lack of imagination and stupidity of the film - the best part about it was I left early!

The direction and acting were pretty much a moot point as the comedy script carried this movie. Atkinson is truly exceptional as English and Imbruglia is also a treat to watch. Some scenes were totally uncalled for but some of the comedy scenes got the entire theater into guffaws the purely British nature of the jokes notwhitstanding. But if you are american and have no interest in jokes that originate in the routine of Britain you may find the comedy lacking.. Good movie , watch it !!

But for the most part, not what i would call real funny. I found myself laughing at one scene, then it would get dry for 10-15 minutes, then i would laugh again. When i did laugh, it was definitely laugh out loud funny. But it lacked a consistency of funny scenes.But i don't regret seeing it. Don't pay full price for this movie.

Having watched all the Mr Bean shows and how brilliant they were, this movie like the last, was a HUGE disappointment. It wasn't a bad movie as much as it was a BORING movie. The comedy fell flat almost immediately. Two of the people I was with actually walked out in the middle of it to sneak into another movie! The only funny parts were the ones of Rowan Atckinson in front of the mirror (like the old Bean Shows).

If you like Mr. Bean then you will like this movie that is all I have to say. I kept waiting the entire movie for a little blue car with 3 wheels to get in the way.

Gotta love Bean... Just looking at him makes me laugh :) this reveiw has to be thirty words long! WHY OH WHY!~!!

this movie is very funny.it is like james bond and all other secret agents were having a off day. it is one of the best secret agent movies that our trying to make fun of other movies. i suggest to anyone who just wants to go to the movies see a incredibly fuunny movie

I notice one man really funny man as Mr. Bean. This man almost action like Mr. Bean in this movie.

the movie was pretty dull, you knew what was about to happen, but in a way, it was still funny. no where near the comedic standpoint of Austin Powers, but had a good story and a couple hilarious moments... but all in all... a watch it once kinda movie

I'm glad there were "out loud" laughers all around me, because I don't normally laugh soloud (and try to chew popcorn at the same time)! Much funnier than I expected, even with the played out type of movie it could be. A good silly movie for the whole family! Some very, very funny side-splitting scenes!

The made a good choice using Rowan Atkinson as Johnny he is the most hilarious guy on the planet and makes Johnny seem as stupid as a stick. He makes all these funny faces that just crack me up!!!!!!!!!

I thought that this movie was horrible. The jokes were really stupid to me. I would never recomend this movie for anyone to watch.

although this movie is terribly predictable, it's a good laugh for the family and just any old time. I love the stupidity of Johnny English and the way he covers up his mistakes so easily. You really have to be watching, but sometimes it's the little things that make you laugh the most.

A pretty goofy movie but not so horrible that you can't stomach watching it with the kids... Not horrible but certainly not good...

Rowan Atkinson is undeniably one of the funniest British comedians--it is a shame to see him involved in a film like this. I must say his performance was the only thing to redeem Johnny English. If you like him, the movie may be worth watching...on video. The plot is dreadful; it is almost embarassing to watch it unfold. One feels pity for the writers and cast for having to take part in the sham. As bad as the plot is, John Malkovich is even worse. His acting is horrible--think Britney Spears in "Crossroads" kind of bad. His French accent is undoubtedly the worst that has ever been captured on film. Natalie Imbruglia is not as bad as one would think, but she should stick to being a one-hit-wonder. English's side-kick plays the part well, but even he and Mr. Atkinson can't save such a lame movie. Don't waste your $8.50; catch Johnny English on video--but only if your friend pays for the rental.

wow. i just came back from this movie, and i must say, it was dissapointing. it looked so good, but then when i saw it, =P down the drain. i dont like how they added that austin powers thing in, and i ABSOLUTLY HATED that guy who was trying to become king. he had the most horrible accent i've ever heard. but the people in front of me in the theatre were laughing so hard it seemed they would explode.

The tale starts when agent1 was killed on dutey because of Englishe's rong code. He than becomes an agent. His quest to get back Britains jewles is a comidey that the whole family will enjoy. This movie will make you laugh for hours. This is a must see for my part

Johnny English is the greatest movie this summer! Ask anyone whose already seen it if you don't believe me! I couldn't stop laughing. It was never boring for one second! You have to see this movie! I want to see this again and buy the DVD!

This Is the greatest movie since "Webs." The acting is eoutstanding and it is hillerious. I give it two thumbs up, ten toes, two knees and maybe a couple of elbows!!

this was the best movie I seen in a long, v. funny. Mr Bean acting was up to usal high standard. go and see it

this movie was funny like a...Funny movie!!!YAYYAYAYA YAYAYA YAYAY AYAYAY AYAYA YA YAYAYA AAAAAAA AAA AAAYYYYY YYYYY YYYYY YY YYYYY YYYYYY YYYYYY YAAA AAAA AAAYYYYYYYY YYYYYA AAA AAAAA AAAAA AAYYYYY YYYY YYYYYYYA AAAAAAAA AAAAYYYYYYY YYYYYYY YYAAA AAAAAAAA AAAA AAAA YYYY YY YYY YYYY YAA AA AAAAAAA AAYYYY YY AAA!!!klsdjfklajs ehjkadf ksdjfk; jfskajasl sjafkj weijfsk anjk kj aklgj; geri jfisdj;l dskfj; fajbi; jioaerjrio (russian version for iraqi people)too.... o ong f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f is the opposite of the grade for this...well, almost, i gues it would REALLY and technically and theoretically be Ff f- f- f- f-, but oh well.

I daresay Rowan Atkinson can make anything funny, including this worn-out genre of the clumsy secret agent or cop (actually, it's been around about 90 years now, hasn't it? So maybe there's a reason it keeps showing up). The audience was in stitches throughout, with a special yelp or howl from one viewer or the other whom one joke or another hit harder or later. That was yesterday for me, and I'm still laughing even about the old "poo" jokes. He could've used the ladder... and I just now broke out laughing aloud again about the "video." Yeah, go see.

This is one of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time,Rowan Atkinson's comedic talent makes the movie.This time just being funny is enough.

This movie was hilarious from start to finish, especially the part with the bishop. The story was a bit weak, not to mention completely politically incorrect, but who cares?

This movie brings a lot of laughs and some action. I think this movie was hilarious for everyone who wanted to see BEAN becomes a Secret Agent. Only this time Rowan actually talks with alot of diaoluges and just being BEAN and JAMES BOND at the same time. I'm always a big fan of the hit series Brit-Cidcom "BEAN". Rowan is the most fun and funny to see on international television. He's the funniest international star of the U.K.

Bean is funny as usual, I like the slam on the French,that's always amusing. TO Bad Leslie Nelson and Bean can't get together in a cross atlantic spy caper

johnny english will keep you laughing and laughing- i havent laughed-out loud in a movie in a long while. this is a film you cant miss. the stunts were great, the comedy was terrific and the visuals were outstanding. i loved this film- although the first 5 or 7 minutes were kind of a yawn- this film will keep you laughing and laughing until you bust a bladder. about nudity, only 2 butt scenes nothing over rated- Do NOT miss this knee-slappin-bladder- bopper of a film. A+++++

from laughing out loud so much- I found this movie hilarious, Rowan Atkinson was GREAT in this film as well! If you are more of a Black Adder fan than a Mr. Bean fan, you'll appreciate his work in this as well.

People who see this movie need to have a good sence of humor. If you don't have one, don't watch it!

I know that nobody knows Rowan Atkinson that well, but this film really gives him the attention he needs! Has everything a good spy spoof needs! The gadgets, the partner, the girl, and all the laughs and thrills!

This was one of the funniest moives I saw this year. My family and I could not stop laughing the whole time! I recommend this to anyone!

Johnny English is so cool, that Rowan Atkinson is an MI7 secret agent in England. And That secret agent dude knows no fear, no danger, and most importantly, he knows absolutely nothing. I love Johnny English and it's all good!

I watched this movie at home with a large group of friends. I did not laugh once. Not one single time. Out of about 10 people watching I heard a couple of chuckles the entire movie...that is it. How can anyone call this movie funny and say they laughed non-stop? I can only assume you had just smoked a bunch of good dope because that is the only thing that could make this tired, boring and VERY unfunny movie amusing.

If your a Mr. Bean fan you'll like this movie. It has all the same types of gags that he had in his show and movie. If you are not a fan of Bean do not go to this movie. It's classic british comedy. It also shocked me the type of actors they had in this movie, especially John Malcovich as the villan.

It was what i thought it would be comedy wise but not plot wise. It was funny but not as funny as some movies. If u like comedy you will probaly like this movie.

The movie that will refreeze Austin Powers forever. Dasing want to be Johnny English is on the prowl for Bristish Intelligence. The queen will have no fear.

Very slow, weak jokes and not enough of them. Not worth the $7. Rent it from Netflix if you have to see Mr. Bean play James Bond.



I thought it was promising that this movie had a different plot from the usual Mr. Bean character (like in "Bean") At first, actually, it was not such a bad movie, with many funny things happening at the setting of the story. But as the movie goes on, it becomes desperating that the detective cannot do anything without taking the foot in, and that his sidekick is saving him all the time. The writers wore out this side of the character, made the plot more and more confusing and came up with an ending as illogical as it could be. Stop giving Rowan dumb scripts and let him do what he's best at.

Although many parts of the story were somewhat predictable, I really enjoyed this movie. The comic timing worked very well, even for the old jokes. I caught myself making some comparisons with Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther series. (Peter Sellers, not Alan Arkin)

i would have liked it a lot better if it would have been the same mr.bean as in rat race. but was not at all. this movie stunk don't see it or waste your time money.

I went to this movie as a last minute substitute for pirates & bad boys 2 which were both sold out.Let me say I am not the biggest Rowan Atkinson fan seeing that I walked out of Mr. Bean at the theater when it was released(I fell for the 3 minute short film that used to play before movies you remember the one with the queen)anyways his act didnt play for more than 25 minutes because I left after 30 minutes.Now I have to tell you this was a last choice for a movie to see as I said before the 2 movies I wanted to see were sold out & there was too much waiting time for the next 4 or 5 so this fit into my time schedule.I went in just expecting to see a Mr. Bean movie but was pleasantly suprised by this movie.It had plenty of laughs especialy when he realized he had parachuted to the wrong building but also had somewhat of a good plot. I have reccomended this movie to freinds & no one has said a bad word about it yet.I do however reccomend seeing it a matinee price.

Mix a apy movie with comic genius, chaplin-like slapstick, and a miracle preformance by Rowan Atkinson, and you have an oscar worthy, laugh-your-socks-off smash hit. i wish the public exepted it more, though... Anyway, the character jonny english, a james bond wannabe, is seemingly stuck in nowhere-land,but, help falls from the sky, to be smothered in laughs, a stunning Natalie Imbrugulia, and a really snooty french dude. nice combination, this movie is a must see, must buy, and must watch, at least until your brain turns to mush.

This movie kept me laughing. Dang this blows mr. bean out of the water. It as so funny and there was actually a story to this movie also. It wasnt a stupid brainless operation. I would reccomend kids 10 and over and adults to watch this.

I saw this movie quite a long time ago and decided to watch it again with my boyfriend. Even though I knew what was going to happen, I couldn't stop myself from cracking up. The acting was just hilarious. A must have for fans of comedy and Mr. Bean!

this is a great movie n better than austin powers, the acting is good and the cast even better! two thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is certainly a movie for the fans of Rowan Atkinson, who is true to form as Johnny English. Although less of a slapstick offering than the Black adder fare it is new and refrershing to see Rowan play the clumsly spy with a relatively adept accomplis. Lots of laughs and worth a view.

this movie made our family laugh alot!!!! my mom espically laughed alot at this movie!!!! it was the funniest action movie of the summer for the whole family!!!

...then ur an idiot. i had nothing else so i saw this POS, even mr.bean could not save it. The movie was not sure what it wanted to do, paridoy, or slap stick, i kept looking at my watch. dont see.

If you think you are going to see something as hillarious as Mr Bean, just forget it!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so bad, you will feel like you have ants in your pants and you want to leave your seat immediately. This actor has to stick to slapstick comedy. The main character was not funny, nor the story line.

Gags, Gags! yes, its all very fuuny. the problem is, there isnt much of a story to it. its a bunch of jokes crammed together into a weak sort of plot. The jokes were great, and it made awesome use of the visuals.

This movie was very typical of a James Bond spoof. The story, thought not the greatest, keeps one wondering what will happen next. The comedy, on the other hand, was great! I could not stop laughing through out the whole movie. This movie was very entertaining, and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good time to go and laugh with friends or family.

we really enjoyed the movie. it did seem a little short, but I adore rowan atkinson and I always hate to see things end. it was good but I have seen him in better movies in the past.

I actually thought it would be a really stupid movie where the jokes wouldn't be all that funny but i was wrong. The movie definitely had a lot of very funny moments. I love Mr. Bean and he was hilarious. The acting was really good and everyone was funny. If u wanna have a good ol fun time see this movie and i guarantee u will. ;)

We found Johnny English to be a very light and entertaining comedy film. It generated quite a few genuine laughs in the theater. I would recommend it if a humerous distraction is what you want.

This movie is about the best PG movie I've seen. Its good. I normally dont like PG movies, but I liked this 1.

I took my children and my whole family to see this movie. We all laughed and had a great time. You will enjoy it. It is good for anybody at any age.

This type of movie is not for everyone. Frankly, it is a stupid comedy. So stupid it is funny. That was what they intended when they made it. The "hero" is not qualified to be a secret agent, but he is the only one available so he gets the job. He is constantly making mistakes on the job and then finds ways to cover them up and more on. (The ways he gets out of some of the situations are the most improbable part of the movie, but they had to come up with something so the movie could continue.) The other problem with the moive is many of the errors that get made are easily predicted. The movie is still funny to watch and is recomendable to anyone that likes this kind of humor. This is definately not for anyone looking for a serious movie plot. As for parents, this movie is generally, pretty clean, though there is a mooning and one short sceen with some suggestive talk.

indeed some very funny scenes! Rowan Atkins was a very good actor, so was "Boff". but i don't appreciate Natalie Imbr...

This movie is very funny...and great acting. The most funny concept is that Johnny English is acutally trying to do everything right but almost always messes up. You won't stop laughing. There isn't too much humor like some movies which becomes very boring. I enjoyed it but it is not the best movie I have every seen. Worth watching.

Much better than Tomb Raider. Go see this instead, a great movie, very entertaining and funny. Way to go Mr. Bean, great job.

this movie was a bad one with good acting. i have to say that i never laughed once. the story was a mediocre one. the acting was very good. the direction was crappy. the visuals were okay.

This movie was so awful. I don't know how can anybody enjoy watching this movie. The only funny part is when he got covered in ***** and exposed that man's, ass under then that the movie sucked. Who would even watch this movie in theathers? Such an awful movie.

He is such a funny guy, he was perfect for this role. I think the production was the only thing that kept this movie from being a great comedy. Some of the scenes were dragged out a little longer than they should have been. A little faster pace would have served this movie well. And that Natalie Imbruglia, WHEW!!! What a babe! I never thought she was all that attractive until I saw this movie. She's stunning!

I watched this in the theatre so it was a while ago but i remeber laughing so hard it was hard to breathe. The funny part was at the end and there were a lot of other funny scenes. This movie is great for kids and family and even all ages. This will make your day

This movie is, like all Atkinsons movies, filled with funny scenes and outstanding humor. All actors do a magnificent job, with makes the movie a perfect family-film. English' stupidity and many failiours makes the movie one of my favourite movies.. The actors are also loveble, and you fall in love with them from the moment you turn on the tv..

Don't waste your money on this flick. Just a dull movie. No real funny scenes except for one involving a Secretary and a dart. Other than that this film is a bust. Okay fare for renting on a Sunday Rainy day where you are stuck at home. Dull. dull. dull.

I was a mild fan of Mr. Bean and Atkinson's mugging, so I thought this might be worth it. Nope. The jokes were lame, not even like groaner-type funny, just unfunny. The sight gags were unclever. Malkovitch's French accent wasn't exaggerated funny or over-the-top funny or even Malkovitch-creepy funny. It was just painful to listen to. I had to leave after about 25 minutes. This is actually the first film in my life I ever walked out of. Having said that, kids might like it. Like a 6 or 7 year old. Then again, what wouldn't a kid with popcorn and a soda like?

I loved Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean, but come on, he just doesn't do as well on the big screen. I went with the idea that I was going to laugh my sides sore. WRONG. I giggled in a couple of spots just because I thought the director needed some help. The story line was weak at best. It is a James Bond goes senile. It was O.K. but I don't think that I would go back and see it again.

Was a ehh kind of movie, not too funny but mostly really really silly and childish which was pretty okay. Not what i had expected it to be!!!

I went and i couldnt stop laughing!! you should see this with a good friend or someone you just met because it is pee your pants funnie!!!! The actors are great and the plot is well thought out! go see it!!

Ok this movie opened the same day as Bad Boys 2 so I know that this film will get overlooked.But that is a true shame since Bad Boys is a piece of crap.I mean you really can't take your family to see Bad Boys 2 since it is full of nudity and so much violence its ridiculous.But you can take your family to see Johnny English because it is funny without any sex.This is the movie to watch forget Bad Boys!!!!!

Watching this movie was a pleasant evening, very predictable but still made you laugh!!! The story flowed in a natural sequence and every scene had some comic bit that kept your attention.

my friend and i saw it for the first time and was laughing during the entire movie. i say it is totally oscar worthy because it is very humorous and has great actors and actresses. johnny english is a must see that will make the entire family laugh. i thought it was a very good movie and wouldn't mind watching it everyday! great job, directors!

With so much negativity around, wars, bad economy, this movie was a healthy dose of laughter. I really needed this. I went home with my sides hurting from all the laughing.

this movie si 2 short. its shorter than the other ones and its only 1 hour 20 min long. still hilarious but the gadgets are old. its to much like the other high tech movies like inspector gadget 1 nand2 , james bond, spy kids 1,2,and 3.

Personally I like Atkins's movie. I think he is a funny man for his small series roles. But in Johnny English, he acts too stupid to be funny. I even did not finish the movie, because I was so disaapointed and did not want to waste more time. It is not the Mr, Beans fault, it is the fault of the director.

I've enjoyed the shorts on PBS by Rowan Atkinson, and I suppose that I was hoping to laugh for two hours straight. Although there WERE some hilarious moments (particularly the car chase with the tow truck, culminating with English's attack on the traffic camera), I grew bored for long periods in other parts of the movie. This movie could have been much more entertaining, perhaps if Atkinson had been left more to his own devices. I liked Natalie Imbruglio - very cute! Too bad it wasn't R-rated, might have rated a higher grade for the surprise!!!

This movie was very funny and made other summer movies look trivial (LXG, Finding Nemo, etc.) A must see for anyone who enjoys funny movies.

The movie is alright, go into it with low expectations and you won't be disappointed. There are no laugh out loud moments in the movie, just some mildly entertaining moments. Bean is missing his scriptwriters or direction he's used to obviously. Natalia Imbrulia is incredibly hot though, I give her an A+

the laughs started in the first one-fourth of the movie, but after a while, it became easy to predict when johnny english would get into another stupid situation.

This was a throughly enjoyable completely silly (Pythonesque silly mind you) movie, they had all of the obvious jokes and stunts and the most interesting, uh, "car chase" that I have seen. The beginning was a little slow but later on everybody in the theare was laughing so hard at the antics that I missed some of the jokes, have to go back and see it again to catch those. And stay for the credits there is a surprise at the end.

My stomach hurt from laughing so hard! The comedy was great, the romance was little, and just enough, and it was just crazy fun! The only thing I would say about the story line is the ending could have been written better. But over all it was great! I would see it again, and I'll probably buy it when it comes out. A great comedy and family friendly!

Of course this movie is not supposed to be tken seiously, right, I expected that before I actually bought the ticket. But I certainly had no Idea that I totaly had to leave my brain outside the movie house just to watch this put-shame-to-james-bond-film. Ok so maybe I did laugh, but after that I felt like a complete moron, laughing at someones stupidity all the time. I mean come on! is this how spoofs are supposed to be made of!? The protagonists stupidity? I have seen a lot of comedies that really did not need to exploit stupidity just to make it funny. So okay, we really dont want to be too serious about life, but please dont over do it to the expense of somone else's IQ. Is it impossible to make comedies that is not too serious but does not capitalize on a moronic protagonist? Because although we will have some good laughs, we will feel like morons at the end of this movie

I have not yet seen the movie, but the reviews on this sight are exhiliritaing. I mean, I was on the edge of my seat. I mean the one fron moron2idiot, it was riviting. And CDarwin, a pure stroke of comedic genius. To sum it up, in a word, WOW!!!


I'm glad I didn't spend my money on this film. It's not a bad film, but with Rowan Atkinson in it, I thought it couldn't go wrong. Well, I was wrong! Don't get me wrong though. It's funny and there is action, but I just expected a bit more from Rowan...

This is perhaps the worst movie I've seen in the last 3 years. A travesty. Boring, dated, clumsy wit. All of it has been done before and better. The reviewers do not adequately convey the level of mediocrity of this picture. Plot is absurdly predictable. Humor is forced. Rowan Atkinson has done much better work in previous endeavors. Avoid at all costs.

this movie sucks, sucks, sucks. I am not happy to go see this movie with my 4 kids. I feel like i wasted my time and I could've been watching instead Friends! which is a great TV comedy. Now, they do know how to make comedy, not like this sucker~.

I wanted this to be a funny, James Bondish type movie. It has some funny spots, but no James Bondish action scenes. Something like a Pink Panther type is what I guess I was expecting.

Johnny English is a movie with a whole lot of goofy antics. It might be a good movie to see with the kids, but for "us big kids," the humor just gets old along with the predictable plot. Overall, the movie is good if you're feeling in a goofy mood...or if you have the mind of a five year old. But as for me, it was: "okay, i guess," if you know what I mean....(BORING)

more laughs in a mr bean show than the whole movie. the comedy which most people will expect isnt the main part of the movie. good action movie and a storyline that is pretty interesting though. worth seeing if your up for something different.

First of all I havent even seen the movie just the trailers on yahoo and I laughed hesterically. I am a big fan of Mr. Bean and it beats any of the other trailers I have watched. It's a good clean funny movie..I'll let you know more when I visit the movies to watch but dont think the movie could be any funnier thqt the trailers. Cant wait to see it...

The Critics above are affraid to laugh it would seem. It is stupid comedy. But the whold theater was rolling with laughter, so what does that say about the critics? That they dont have a funny bone in their body. Want to laugh so hard u cant catch ur breath? Go see Johnny English!

damn, i actually had high hopes for this movie coming in, cos i liked the guy in mr. been, at least that much is for sure, he should've stayed with that show, this movie was a complete disaster. bad story, stupid jokes, topped with bad acting, u just have to keep wondering what else could go wrong, oh yea, that's right, the ending! this is definately not worth ur money, it's way down there w tomb raider 2, damn, i could go on and on about tr2, but i won't, that's for another post.

granted, this review is being written by a dyed in the wool rowan atkinson fan, one may feel it is a little prejudiced to start with. however, rowan scores with this excellent film. he leaves michael myers' austin powers in the dust as he brings his bumbling character into the realms of world espionage and satarizes just about every aspect of every james bond man from uncle spy movie or program you've ever seen. rowan is hilarious. its hard to describe many of the scenes without spoiling it for those who have not seen it. even if one were to try to explain them, the written word would not do justice to the precisely timed humor that makes each of the scenes work. natalie imbruglia as a lady spy and an evil and conniving john maclovich as a french billionaire trying to steal the british crown also perform magnificently. i have been familiar with many of atkinson's television series (black adder, mr bean)and some of his smaller roles in film (the bumbling vicar in four weddings and a funeral) and enjoyed them all. i had been disappointed in the movie "bean" (in which american writers tried to "americanize" his humor and failed miserably). but this role is pure atkinson at his best. not to be missed! move over austin powers and james bond. there's a new spy in town. and he is funny as hell.

Absolutely hilarious! He is truly the Barney Fife of espionage. What do the critics know anyway! It's just a tongue-in-cheek movie, people! (Hey,if you're looking for a critically acclaimed movie, go elsewhere).

If you don't expect too much more than a laugh you'll have a good time at this movie. Atkinson and Imbruglia have fun together...

When I watched it everyone was laughing, and some almost fell out of their seats. I recomend it that everyone sees it!

He does it again. Mr. Bean can't make a bad movie. He's a natural comic. The lady in front of me laughed so hard she got choaked. It was truly a great movie if you want to laugh and enjoy yourself. If you don't love this movie, you have no sense of humor.


this is one of the best films i have watched! i want to watch johnny english 2 i love it i like the bit where he shots the camera!

I enjoy watching this Mr Bean's film and overall is okay! The idea for this story is good, and all the actors have performed their character successfully!

This was a great family film. It's hilarious even to older kids and adults. This is an "A" movie so don't believe the overall rating if it's still like a "C".

this movie is great for the whole family! it always keeps you laughing and Mr.Bean makes a great clumsy spy! Pro's: Funny good villan lots of action and it makes you want to see the movie again and again! Con's: there's one part i dont like about the movie... i dont like how Pascal Sauvage talks it gets kind of annoying after awhile.

This movie is what going to see a movie is all about...giving you a break from the real world. If you need about 1 1 2 hours of good, funny, slap stick comedy then this is your movie. My wife puts it right up there with Caddyshack!!!

This movie wasn't tremendously funny. Although it had a couple hysterical moments, I would not give this movie an A nor a B

I expected a Peter Sellers Pink Panther like spoof..., boy was I mistaken. I've always thought "Mr. Bean" could tell a story using only his slapstick antics and facial expressions, almost like a very funny mime(if there is such a thing). Here he's not given the chance. The only facial expressions I can remember are at the end when he end up being "crowned". His 2 trick ponies, a broken gun and innate knowledge of animal sounds were barely funny the first time. I wouldn't recommend this even as a cheap rental

I wasnt supposed to go see this movie. I was supposed to go see bad boys II by sneaking into it, but they had someone guardin the doors so i had to go to this. the first half hour i just played snake on my cell phone but the last hour or so i kind of got into it..but it was better than i thought.

No great theatrical masterpiece, this film entertained from start to finish. Atkinson is always fun, other characters attractive. A little too much emphasis on scatalogical humor. Reviews in London were much worse; probably because of delightful [in my opinion]frontal attacks on beloved English institutions. We left the theater quite satisfied. S. Holman

This movie was the worst EVER I did not care for it at all. It was boring. It just did not seem that it was profesionally made, you get the feeling that something is missing (not right).

Its not that good - but one can see for time pass, Mr. Bean characted is pratically stamped on Atkinson and he seems to do that every where. Story - there was no story - it was there just to make sure that he does what he does best ... be Mr. Bean.

I thought it was an excellent film, except the begining was a little boring. But it immediatly picked up after that!

I found this movie so funny that I almost had to pick my guts up off the floor! The acting was great and end was really cute. The story was a little odd but overall funny. I'm going to go see it again.

Johnny English is the funniest movie out this month. I could not stop laughing from the beginning to the end. I laughed so hard that I almost cried. I think the critics are wrong for giving Johnny English a C instead of an A. I'm only ten years old and I know funny movies when I see them.

Most of the funny bits are given away in the trailers and commercials. The movie was funny - it's just too bad that I'd seen it already

This is another classic "Mr. Bean." Great fun, laughter, and a great story. Tired of watching mindless violence and over acted action films. Come see this. You will not regret it. If your mind has been numbed by all the grotesque films watched by the critics, you will not regret this.

Fun for the whole family- try to explain to a thirteen year what's so funny about 'Jesus is coming - Look busy!' Hail Mary!!

Loved this film starring Mr. Bean... great take on the spy movie genre. I've always enjoyed Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean, and this spoof was both fun and entertaining to watch. A smart, hilarious flick.

this movie is too scary i saw a commercial for it very very scary i do not want to see it too scary

everything about this movie was bad! i didnt even laugh at all, dont waste your time on this movie, its boring

This movie is very funny and interesting to watch!!! The actors play very good....I enjoyed the movie a lot I recommand it to everyone who liks comedy Enjoy...

It's like watching an hour and half of Mr. Bean with super gadgets. The only thing I did not like about this movie is the leading lady, everything else was grrrrreat!

Critics hate slapstick. I never laughed so hard in a long time. It was a lot of fun and unexpectedly funny.

I liked this movie a lot. Not an event to be sure but an excellent cure for boredom on a slow night. The makers did a great job at several things. They put Johnny English in a $275,000 Vanquish- the same car James Bond drove in his last movie. Fun. The music I thought was really good. The intro song was extremely entertaining and befitting. I like that they didn', 't make this a Dumb and Dumber type movie, that he actually had some skills- just lacking self confidence- sort of a peon in British society. Fun banter within the whole British French thing. John Malkovich', 's accent was nasty, but I suppose he was about as close to a real Frenchman as they could get to play this part. M

I went into the movie with an open mind - I love Mr. Bean and I thought that people were being harsh when they said it sucked. I even knew the plot was going to be a little weak so I'm not taking that into consideration here. But this movie really BLOWS. The jokes not only were extremely predictable, but they weren't even funny to begin with. Bad jokes + bad timing = NOT FUNNY. On top of that, listening to John Malkovich's French accent was like listening to somebody with a really bad stutter...except you don't feel sorry for him, you just want him to stop talking so your ears can get a rest. It's just painful. The only thing I really laughed at involved an incident involving poop. That should give an indication of how bad the rest of the movie is. There's no sex, violence, or cussing, and barely any explosions, so if you want to drop off your 6 year old kids and their 90 year old grandmother at this movie, well they MIGHT enjoy it. But otherwise, save your money.

Atkinson needs to make a bloody Black Adder movie......'Bean' and this crap is AWFUL. I don't see the point.....Adder was the best he's ever done.

This movie is really bad .it does not have any acsietment at all.ok ok ok it has just a little bit of action.

I'm sorry to say that I went to see this movie. I took my date to the theatre and when I found out that 28 days later wasn't playing, we decided on this. I laughed twice in an hour and 45 minutes. When the guy trips in the garage after chasing someone and when Rowan Atkinson gives himself a shot of tranquilizer. Other than that, I'd rather get cornholed in prison than see this movie again.

This was the funniest movie of the year. We saw it 3 times and every time we were laughing out loud with the rest of the audience. There was not one slow part and Rowan Atkinson is fabulous. It was slapstick at its best with Atkinson's bumbling pathos. I just hope there is another one on it's way. We will purchase the DVD the first week it is out.

Rowan Atkinson did an excellent job as the bumbling secret agent. I laughed through the whole movie. The story was a little stupid, but the Acting made up for it. John Malkovich was very funny too. You can watch this movie again and again.

Actually laughed out loud several times!! Pretty predictable - but still funny! Good mid-week rental. Oh - and a great new twist on ummm..."toilet humor" shall we say?!! Rent it to find out what I mean. HeHe! ;-)

It was brilliant, he is fun knee. Especially when Bough is from the Lunatic Response Unit. Also when the guy with frizzy orange hair was there. THe music is great and John Malcovich has horrible French accent, which cool.

one beans best totally funny. just as funny as the trailer was a movie i defanitly wanna buy. it is great, good visuals and a good plot

This movie only proves that Neal Purvis and Robert Wade are poor writers, not only making a travesty out of the last three Bond movies (though in Die Another Day, the incompetence of "director" Lee Tamahori must be cited), but making a travesty out of a spoof. This movie was ripe with possibility by having the opportunity to rip on the finer points of the Bond franchise that Austin Powers didn't. However, it is a mess of a movie, becoming increasingly ridiculous (in a stupid, unintended way) as the "story" goes on. The decent first half hour of the movie devolves into stupidity, especially in the final half hour. Rowan Atkinson is wasted in a role in which he should have shined. The movie has, admittedly, a few laughs, but it doesn't add up to a satisfying experience.

As Roger Ebert said about this movie, "Hasn't the spy genre been spoofed enough?" I like Rowan, I think he's a fabulous actor. Natalie Imbruglia wasn't that great, I didn't think the two meshed well at all. I can't even place this in the "if you need to see a no brainer movie this is a good one." I was disappointed. Though I will say John Malkovich did a decent job playing a Frenchie with the accent and haughty attitude. But other than that, I'd wait until it comes out on DVD and save yourself a few bucks.

This movie was the best movie I ever. er sd we er rytv ty er ty ty ty ty yhj ytu ko ll ll ll ll l.l ll lll l ll l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l ll l l l l l

I think this was an amazing movie, it was so funny but at the same time so serious. The plot was weird but good and Rowan Atkinson really kept this film alive and his exceptional acting was really what made this film.

This was a funny movie that was somewhere between the excellent Pink Panther and the poor Austin Powers movies. Although I love all three actors, I think the difference is in the story: with Austin Powers looking like it was written in an hour! Anyway, Johnny English has some really funny moments that made me laugh out loud (in the graveyard, in the hospital,...) and is definitely worth seeing.

Filled with the same old spy cliches, this movie at least is filled with moments to laugh at. A feel good time for anyone, this one. And what about John Malkovich's french accent?

The story was predictable, the acting average and the humor was no where to be seen. I spent more time looking at my watch than the movie screen.

Oh man I enjoyed this movie more than I thought I would. I'll admit, I was skeptical when I heard the reviews were pouring in as bad but this is just a fancy free british comedy and I like that fact. It's a refreshing change from the American comedy. I missed Mr. Bean really bad, and this movie brings Rowan Atkinson back in a big way. He talks way more than some are probably used too but it still works. A refreshing comedic take on a tired genre of spies that isn't Austin Powers. Hooray for this movie, this movie is ironically my movie of the summer.

Bean is a funny comedy awesom person in the movie. He will make you laugh out as loud as you can. It is hillarious movie. I love it. It's funnier than Bringing down the house.


This movie was the best and the most funniest movie that I ever saw. I especially liked English pulling down a mans pants. I think I'm going to see it one more time today.

who ever loved mister bean growing up would for certain loves this movie, as did I, but for those people new to the bean craze Johnny English is going to make you laugh. dont listen to stupid critics who give bad grades, because this movie is a sure comic gem worthy of a big box office run.

im not here to speak about the movie but to talk to the reviewers. You are discouraging people from going to good movies by giving them horrible reviews.Try to be a little more leniant

This movie was hilarious. rowan atkinson has taken mr. bean to a new and funnier level. All of the family will love it!

Haven't seen it yet. I plan on seeing it this comming week always liked the Mr. Bean actor. Especially his tv shows the need to air those on tv again for his fans!

Going to the movies to see this, i was expecting to see Mr Bean type character. Yet Johnny English is clumsy and forgetful he is still a very laughable character. Staring alongside the beautiful Natalie Imbruglia (famous Australian singer) Rowan Atkinson (Johnny English) does a great job, in a role basically written for him.

I am glad i did not rely on the reviews posted by Roger Ebert and Robert K. Elder. Over time I have realized that just dont know what they are talking about. This was one of the best comedy movies that I have seen in a long time. How many movies has one been to recently where the people applaud the performance of Rowan Atkinson at the end of the movie. The movie was great, story line was great, acting amazing.....basically a strong reason for a laughter filled auditorium on a sunday afternoon. Do not miss the movie.

None of movies funnier than this!!!! Mr. Bean is awesome of all time! Johnny Eng. RULES! It's a must see movie!!!!! Every second of the movies, there's laughter from each person in theater audience!!!!! YOU GOTTA SEE THIS... why still read my review? Now Go! Go! Go and see THIS!!!!!

Once there was a England people named johnny english. He was a people who lives in England and tooked a king's skirt of and at the savage city hospial, some people wrote"Jesus is coming, look busy.

How could a movie possibly be bad with "Mr. Bean" (Rowan Atkinson) as the star? Although, this movie was not a "Bean" movie, give Mr. Bean a voice box, key's to an Austin, and a gun, and your well on your way to this movie -- which is a plus! Rowan Atkinson, is (as usual) a brilliant comedic actor in this film. His delightful antics, once again, made me smile and laugh nearly the entire time I was there. I was anticipating this movie's release for a long time, the only disappointment I had about the film, was that it had to end. I could have sat through another hour or two, quite contentedly. Without Rowan this film would be mediocre at best. Filmmaker's take note: ADD MORE ROWAN!

This movie is great for everyone! It is a little rude, but other than that, one of my favorite movies.

This movie let me laugh almost the entire time. Although many parts were predictable, and yes, had the feel of other other spy spoof movies, Rowan Atkinson's comedic genius shines througout the movie and lets you forget you probably know his next move. Heck, he even had me believing he was a dreamy British agent! And John Malkovich's "Sauvage" was a great bad boy counterpart for "English"....okay, the French accent got to me after a while, but isn't that what Malkovich intended? I hope they come out with a Johnny English 2!

FUNNY as Anything, u cant stop laughing while watching this movie, Mr. Bean has become an agent while Boff is in a poo tube! hA HAH HAHAH HAHAHAHAHAHA Hello Gunter Sea Erchinet? Hahahahahha

I have to say that this movie was alot better than Mr. Bean.I had negative expectations going into the movie, but it was rather funnier than I thought.Alot of people in the theater laugh aloud including me at particuliar scenes in the movie.

when I saw films almost I fall dead of the laughter. i would like to see more movies like this one. I consider that it deserves two thumbs up.

I don't know what my previous ammateur movie critics watched, but it wasn't the same movie that I saw. The faults of the movie were of a predictable plot accompanied by moistureless (dry) humor. I don't quite know the exact acting ability Mr. Bean possesses, so I won't fault him for this movie's short comings. The problem with having a "secret agent" movie theme is building a plot that deserves the movie's label. If the movie is expected and advertised to be similar to a James Bond film, then the plot has to live up to that. However, after seeing this movie, the plot was short on its "twists and turns". I do not have supporting evidence of my claims only because the movie was "forgetable". There were no one scene that stood out and took attention, except for a minute ammount of funny slap stick.

This movie was very, very, funny. This complete klutz who is trying to be James Bond accidentally becomes the agencies top spy. He gets all these gadgets and a cool car and ends of hurting people on accident. It has some comedic romance, and if you want to see a funny, kid-friendly movie, please go because this guy is a complete screwup. Take kids of all ages and have a great time!

Maybe I just didn't like the movie or I was looking forward to something else and it made this movie seem like fifty day old garbage. I went to see Tomb Raider but it was sold out until a show three hours later. So I decided to see this movie in the mean time. The person with me said it wasn't that bad and that it could've been better. What I believe is the worst part is that this movie couldn't get any better than it was. I believe the few funny parts it had were actually all this lackluster plot could muster out of Mr. Bean. Seeing him on Rat Race almost sent me to the emergency room for splitting a gut. This movie almost sent me to E.R. for depression.

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